The A’s must have felt violated after Bartolo Colon pitched the best game of the year for himself or for that matter, the staff, with a 5-0, 4 hit COMPLETE GAME gem…
A sac fly, a few stolen bases and a homerun was all the yanks needed in this one-sided affair….evens up the road trip at 2-2 and takes some of the sting out of the Seattle series…I said early in this blog that Colon was THE best pitcher in spring training and was surprised when Freddy beat him out of the final rotation spot…
Well, Hughes’ situation changed all that and every cloud apparently has a silver lining…
Kangeroo Court: In a game with few flaws, busting Cano for overrunning second base and getting tagged out when game was still in doubt…had there been two outs Robby was tagged BEFORE ARod scored and the run would have been negated….
Kudos to Gardner for best use of speed in scoring on shallow sac fly after initiating double steal w/ Cervelli…..
West coast announcers:
Mentioned two stories, ex-yank Randy Velarde’s unassisted triple play VS yanks, I’m sure it was the only one where three outs were recorded SIMULTANEOUSLY…..runners on first /second, hit + run, line drive to Randy, falls on sliding Tino and second base together….
2.Girardi as Mgr of the year with Marlins, “so how’d he get fired?” they laughed, well I saw that game where Joe is yelling into the stands DURING A GAME to Fl owner Jeff Loria saying” sit down and shut up, its hard enough without you”….
Barking at your boss in public usually does the trick….
No Halladay Today: after only allowing 2 homeruns in 85 innings this year, Phil’s ace Roy Halladay gave up THREE in FIVE innings vs. the Wash Nats….

Local: In las vegas we’re used to our grocery stores being over run by visitors, so it was no surprise the lady in front of me on line had a MN Harmon Killebrew jersey on…..when she got miffed about the slowness of the line, I mentioned I had seen “Killer” at yankee stadium with my dad in 1963….we were way up in the second deck of left field and I ask my father if anyone hit balls up here, “no, its too far” he said…. one inning later, Killebrew hit one ten rows OVER our heads, what a moon shot…..his 573 homeruns are still 11th inspite of competing “new age” sluggers….Killebrew passed away last week….

Lets see if Freddy feels the competition I keep hearing about when someone throws a gem before the next starter…


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